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The Swedish Haplogroup Database is maintained by you as a user and genealogist. If you have performed a DNA test and received your Y-DNA and MtDNA haplogroups you can enter your paternal line (Y-DNA) and maternal line (MtDNA) as far as your genealogical research has led you. At least one of your direct ancestors must have lived within the borders of present-day or historical Sweden.

You can also expand the tree with sons and male descendants in your Y-DNA tree, and daughters and female descendants in your MtDNA tree. These people belong to the same haplogroup as you do.

You choose how to enter your information, either manually (will take 15-20 minutes at the most) or by uploading a pedigree file (GEDCOM). The file will only be used for information needed by the Swedish Haplogroup Database and will not be available for download or viewing.

Information younger than 100 years and information about you as participant in this project will not be shown publicly on the site, except as contact person (using a form).

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Identify yourself with an email address and a password of your choice. To update previously entered data, just log in with the same email address and password.

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If you log in and participate in the project you accept the terms and usage of the data by SHD, as described on the site.

Need help?

If you do not wish to display your name or be contacted, or need help to research and enter your paternal and maternal lines, you may contact us and we will try to find a suitable arrangement.

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Haplogroups (Y-DNA)

FTDNA: G-L497 I1-M253 I1-Z2336/CTS6364 I1-P109 I1-L300 I1-Z140 I1-L1302 I2-M223 N-M178 Q Nordic R1a-M198 R1b-U106 R1b-P312 R1b-U152
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FTDNA: H1 H2 H5 I J K U5 U5a U5b V
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